Transalliance supports you in your Supply Chain projects!

Transalliance designs and implements customised and innovative logistics solutions.

High value added logistics solutions

Our research department designs specialised services for B2B and e-commerce and provides you with sector-specific expertise: automotive, spare parts, industry, retail, consumer goods.
Our guarantee: operational control that gives you satisfaction at all levels of your supply chain.


  • Reception, control and storage
  • Preparation and shipping of orders
  • Total traceability


  • Customised warehousing solutions
  • Floor storage, rack, accumulation and vertical cabinets


  • Packaging operations
  • Labelling
  • Protection
  • Customisation

Modern warehouses in the heart of Europe

Our warehouses are ideally situated in the proximity of major European communication routes (road, railway, air). Besides our strategic situation, we are continually adapting to changes in terms of innovation and sustainable development to assist you in the best way possible as your needs evolve.

35 000 m² of warehouse surface area in Luxembourg

Our logistics platform situated on the Eurohub Sud site in Dudelange offers:

30 000 m² of rack storage

A free height of 11 metres

Automated storage towers

A bridge crane

25 dock levelers

If you have a logistics project, let's go deeper into the subject together